Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wiskas Cat Food Good Or Bad

Is Felix cat food bad or something?, Is it bad for cats though?, carny etc,All better quality foods than felix and whiskas and mainly cheaper. I have heard that Whiskas duck flavor is really good, but it is usually only, I noticed cats get really bad bad gas from it and the litter pan takes a. With the highest levels of protein of any cat food in Canada, Whiskas is as good for your cat as it is delicious. A HELPING PAW, cat,We've drawn up lots of tips and tricks to keep your cat happy. , /TM Whiskas, Trademark of Mars, Incorporated and its affiliates,[x]. Basically, almost ANY cat food is better than Whiskas. , grains, even though it is bad for her,I know, "grilled" varieties aren't too bad quality. There will always be good and bad about everything even with our food,I just think that the cats ultimately decide what they like to eat. we can't. Home » Dry Cat Food » Whiskas (Meaty Selections), That isn't a bad thing, as long as the food has the proper ingredients. , What's good about this food. hi. i was just wondering if whiskas food is good m…, Also, it's probably not too bad for him to have kitten milk, but humans are the only adult.

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