Friday, May 31, 2013

Vegetable Dog Cat Food

Some people choose to extend this dietary philosophy to their pets as well, which has prompted the marketing of commercial vegetarian dog and cat foods. Grinding vegetables in a food processor or pulping them in a juicer is the best way to release their nutrients, as dogs and cats lack the enzyme, cellulase. The idea of preparing specialized food for cats came later than for dogs (see dog , Vegetarian cat food must be fortified with nutrients such as taurine and. Information and FAQ's regarding Benevo pet food,Why vegetarian ? Benevo products meet the nutritional requirements of an animal in an affordable, tasty and. Vegetarian and Vegan Dog and Cat food from ethical Pet Food company Benevo - Animal Friendly Animal Foods. Evanger's dog and cat foods do not contain any of these preservatives to, Incidentally, dogs are omnivores like people; they eat both meat and vegetables.

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