Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is Human Food Good For Cats

Human Foods Safe for Cats,Despite what you may have heard, some table scraps are good for cats,Everyone needs fresh food, cats included,Just make sure. I have read that " human foods ", like peanut butter and slightly blackened toast, I can't imagine what would be good for a cat's coat in toast. Find out what human foods for dogs you should and shouldn't be giving to your pets this holiday,There are some human foods dogs can eat and some they. Like buying candy for kids, we often think snacks that have been specially packaged for pets are the best treats in the world,Why would they want anything other. The cat food has the proper balance of nutrition to keep your cat healthy. , Cats / kittens really shouldn't eat people food as they are carnivore's and we are. While there are plenty of human foods that cats can eat. , human foods that cats can eat, use these foods as treats and not a complete diet, to keep her healthy. If you decide to feed your kitten human food, make sure you avoid onions, chocolate and dairy products, as these can be harmful or even poisonous to kittens. Feeding your pet raw bones may seem like a natural and healthy option that might, Although cats are more susceptible, dogs are also at risk if a large enough. Talk to your vet to make sure the kitten isn't malnourished, which if it's been eating human food for a long time it may well be,It's probably not. Cats can like human food as much as they like their own food,But not all human foods make good cat treats. Your question was: "what human foods are not good for kitties",I have an article on this and recommend that you read Dangerous Foods: Are They Harmful to. , it applies to yourself,A good diet means less health problems, less trips to the,, Is it really unhealthy to feed cats human food though? Of course it depends.

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