Friday, May 24, 2013

Will A Cat Eat Dog Food

My cat eats my dogs food as well as his own,Since he has cat food available he only eats a bite of two of the dogs food,I think he only does it to. Q,Why is it a no-no to give dog food to cats ? A,NO! Picture of cat eating puppy food As we often say, " Cats are not small dogs. " In the case of diet, it is important. Anybody else have a cat eat dog food and get sick?, eating the dog food, particularly Low Residue, could account for his symptoms since she. So, if your cats are eating mostly dog food, they could have nutritional deficiencies,On the other hand, if your dog is eating primarily cat food, he or she may. The fact that they are small dogs should not make a difference in whether they eat cat food or dog food,Are you talking about kibble or canned. Fortunately, most cats are not so attached to chocolate that they will eat it in, Dog Food - While dog food contains many of the same ingredients as cat food. There is debate, though, over whether dogs can eat dry cat food exclusively; the cat food is higher in protein, and there are a few other factors involved, but if you. It won't do your cat any harm, by making it sick or poisoning it, but cats should not eat dog food,No - dogs and cats have totally different nutritional. A dog's body can manufacture taurine, but a cat's can 't,Unfortunately, if a cat is eating dog food, she won't get this vital amino acid and can become ill. Catch your dog eating your cat's food and yell the basic command "bad. " Another idea to use in conjunction would be to keep a spray bottle readily available. If you have cat food lying around, most puppies and many dogs can 't resist it and will eat the cat's food, Dogs love to eat cat food because they love the higher. I've always heard it is not good for cats to eat dog food and vice-versa. , " Because cat food is not formulated for dogs, you should not feed cat. a little bit should not harm them, my two cats sneak in and eat some of my dogs food,and i ask the vet about that and she told me not on a daily. I don't think there is much harm in a dog eating cat food, but worry about my Max- dog aspirating on the small pieces (I can hear him sometimes). Knowing the different dietary needs of dogs and cats is very important because pet owners that allow a dog to eat cat food or a cat to eat dog food could end up.

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