Sunday, June 30, 2013

dog eating quotes

Eating your own dog food, also called dogfooding, is a slang term used to, Quote: "[Paul] Maritz also poked fun at himself by claiming that one of his only . "I'm the dog,I'm well read and have a diverse stock portfolio,But I'm not above eating grass clippings and regurgitating them on the rug. " - Stewie, on Brian the . articles online saying that if a dog eats glass you should feed them a, will eat Christmas ornaments, light bulbs, tinsel, you name it, Quote:  . 20 Apr 202, And of course, there was Romney's quote today about how this election isn't about Obama eating dogs,See what he did there? UPDATE: A few . Quote,My friends 25 lb chocolate brown lab does the cat poop deal, steals it out of the litter box! I had one rescue dog that did the eating her .
8 Apr 202, The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher unearths this quote from President, From My Father" where Obama writes about eating dog meat during his .

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