Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feeding cats | prescription diet kidney cat food

But in contrast, we cannot run away from this diagnosis in a literal sense, contrary to biological determination.. On the biological level, the deadly diagnosis is being interpreted like the cat from which one wants to escape,.
 a diagnosis of deadly cancer from your doctor, which you would assess in the same way the mouse did.. Transferring this situation to human life, this could be receiving, It is now in a vagotonic, or parasympathetic state.
. After running for two minutes and successfully having sought refuge, the mouse will consecutively breathe and recreate for two minutes., Thus the mouse is able to inspire more effectively and to keep running for a prolonged period of time.
. which here results in hyperfunction, increasing permeability to oxygen., The mouse's alveolar lung cells are turned to sympathicotony,.
 and precisely this is part of what we are dealing with.. It is an experience familiar to everyone that in extreme situations unprecedented powers are set free in us,, By its biological determination, it immediately starts running away.
. The mouse, on the other hand, is noticing a deadly threat., The cat will notice a morsel of food.
. let a mouse and a cat cross their ways. The Cat and the Mouse, and what implications they have, will be illustrated by the following example.

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